For this reason, they can be additionally secured using the extended client settings. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or for any purpose without the express permission of SAP AG. It is a stand-alone program that you can run on a separate host without any additional software. AS Java Figure 3: Do not set any additional address types. Each mail requires a unique ID that has the same format as an Internet e-mail address. Ensure also that if CUA is in use and role definitions are transported by means of transport requests from one system to another system , the user assignments to the roles are not transported.

adm102 sap

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Only requests that are addressed to the configured port of the SAP Web Dispatcher are processed at all. This dispatcher selects a free server process for processing the request and establishes the connection between the client and the server process.

If the following quotas wap exceeded, the requests are rejected in the ICM. External communication systems log onto the SAP system as a system user. The standard edition is the standard software environment and defines the Java 2 SDK.

Be aware that it again might take some time until the URL can be called from a Web Eap due to buffer synchronization issues. Schedule the send process for Internet mails periodically every five minutes.

adm102 sap

The best approach to addressing the SAP system and its clients is to use a separate subdomain for each client such as training. You can use various views of the communication infrastructure in transaction SCOT. Internet Communication Framework 5. Processes signals that are sent by the operating system or another process such as the ABAP dispatcher.


The distribution of the requests is based on the number of dialog work processes configured for each instance.

adm102 sap

As the instructor, you can access the inboxes of all mail users with the following URL http: However, to ensure that data is distributed consistently across the system landscape, you must distribute your custom IAC objects using the transport system of your SAP system regardless of the development tool used.

Then complete the recording of the transaction and save the eCATT script.

For information about the possible parameters and their meaning, see the online documentation; for more information about the WGate configuration tool, see SAP Note For example, there could be a need to automatically send a confirmation message to the sold-to party after the creation of a sales order.

In this way, it is easy to assign using the last changed on information the changes that the child system confirms to the central system to the child system QAS in this case. As a member of the system administration team, it is your task to make the system settings required to do this in the SAP systems affected, while taking security issues into account. The activation of CUA has been significantly simplified, and a number of necessary configuration am102 are performed automatically by the system.

Do not set any additional address types.

Administration AS ABAP II

In which situations do you use tests? Note that in the training system, some of the work that you would usually have to do has already been sal for you. All other products mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


The participants must have access to this file. Close all open Web browser windows. The worker thread can then be used for other requests. You can use any product that meets the SMTP standard as a mail server.

(PDF) ADM SAP Web AS Administration II SAP NetWeaver | Sandra Salazar –

If necessary, confirm that existing variants are to be deleted before the upload and finally save the test data container as a local object. If you are dap with an external tool, this tool is started from eCATT. When objects are stored, the advantages of both the high speed of main memory memory cache and the storage capacity of hard disks disk cache are used.

adm102 sap

Give the test configuration a self-explanatory title and assign it spa the BC component. Complete infrastructure in which ABAP-based applications can be developed and used. Can you start a transaction from the command field? On these tab pages, you can transfer role assignments, profile assignments, and the license classification of users from child systems, swp in cases in which despite CUA being in use the corresponding administration was carried out until now in the child systems in line with the settings in transaction SCUM.