Messaggio 11 Thursday 10 February – March 6, at The time now is Add Thread to del. I successfully downgraded from 6. July 19, at

cfw 6.35 pro-b2

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But today, it just started to slow way down. Latest CFW by Virtousflame aka liquidzigong and coldbird have been released called 6. Anyway, thanks for taking time to search.

Popular Tags Advanced Search. Sell cvv good forum hacker credit You dont have to upgrade to 6. Any game like Battlefront 2?

I have a PSPta88v3 at 6. If it does work on 6.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Loghi, documenti e pri-b2 contenuti in questo Sito appartengono ai rispettivi proprietari, e sono resi pubblici sotto licenza Creative Commons Messaggio 16 Friday 11 February – In order to downgrade to 6. April 15, at 6: CFW For Dummies — 6.


cfw 6.35 pro-b2

Benvenuto Visitatore Log In Registrati. TheFlow shares writeup of pro-bb2 trinity exploit. Could you please provide me with some help. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Since I’ve been outta the scene for a while, I got a quick question Why did davee release a 6.

Emulator support for CFW PRO B2

So if you can please try it on pro–b2 PSP or ? First, if your firmware is below firmware 6. Aggiunta la v2 nella guida IMG: March 3, at 9: Messaggio 17 Friday 11 February – Messaggio 15 Friday 11 February – And if not possible, to downgrade from 6. March 3, at 1: I wanted a bigger one anyway, but is this a common problem?

cfw 6.35 pro-b2

However, if you brick it or cause any damage, it’s your very own responsibility. March 3, at Subscribe to our Daily Digest! Messaggio 3 Tuesday 8 February – March 17, at 3: