All these items make it a very busy area around the aircraft and certainly give a great turnaround service feeling to the simulation. So one or the other don’t fit. But high-pitch sounds don’t agree with me, so that is personal thing Hello everyone, i am beta tester on this plane i bought him for my mac even i know he is buged This makes it very versatile for having the right screen where you need it, I liked the Flight-plan switched around on the right side next to the PFD, and all the panels “pop-out” for ease of use visually if you need that function and selection. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. The aircraft is very good at finding the very best climb rate pitch known as “Op Climb” Open Climb.

flightfactor a350

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Full PFD and ND displays with fully independent display and different data sources for the captain and copilot displays. Well thank you for your comments Pepel81, The pilot is Roman, the designer of the A, so if you can tell him to get off his own plane then good luck with that laughsbut seriously yes it is a great aircraft and I am sure many people will give us good procedures on how to fly the A, and I am sure that a paintkit will be made available.

Aircraft Review : Airbus A XWB Advanced by FlightFactor – Airliners Reviews – X-Plane Reviews

This will then ask you to “Align IRS” and set up the alignment in that option. But it is the rule so i respect it. Display as a link instead. Data Inertial Reference System. Fliggtfactor cabin lighting is adjustable via the OIS menu “Cabin”and it is very good, but full brightness is to bright, and this menu also shows other items that are related to the cabin and door status.

flightfactor a350

Sounds are very good right through from start-up to cruise, I did find them a bit flghtfactor in the cruise mode and after a period of time they gave me a slight earache. By StephenDecember 6, in Airliners Reviews. Posted December 10, Flgihtfactor – Linux Fully Supported Mac: Weight and Fuel Here you have three menus that cover both Passengers and Fuel to be loaded or is loaded on the A You can have the aircraft in “Selected” mode “pull” or manual selection or “Managed” mode “push” or automatic by the AP.


Handling at low speed is very good, the aircraft will depending on the weight will land even as low as knts, the A does tend to point nose pitch down on the ILS and that can create the issue of pulling the aircraft nose up to flare Go To Topic Listing. flightcactor

airbus a – screenshot | FlightFactor aero

The aircraft will turn with a smooth grace along vlightfactor flightplan line. I recommend to study them to understand them all before using them in a current simulation, if not flightafctor will spend too much time sitting on the ramp working them and the positions of where everything is located.

In that context they have done remarkably well, but we will have to forgive if in a few areas and certainly in performance that the numbers can be slightly off until the official ones start to drip through.

Design wise with the aircraft power off the A XWB is very well designed and developed. Another little remark, i am sad that is not possibility to have a paint kit for make my own liveries.

flightfactor a350

The results was an almost perfect first flight that was on time and date, and a testing program that ran almost like clockwork, the aircraft received its type certification on 30 September and the FAA certification on the 12 Novemberand it is expected to meet its EIS Entry Into Service with Qatar Airways due 13th December with the first commercial service on the Frankfurt – Doha route in mid-Jan So on one flight I lost 9min ETA in a speed change.

In other words you fly the A more closer to philosophy and laws of flight than any other Airbus aircraft yet developed for X-Plane.


flightfactor a350

Airbus could not want to have any problems in getting the A into service and quickly and as efficiently as possible. But the MCDU is quicker as you can do the same inputs on different pages that the MCDU will do once, and you could actually miss a page because there is so flihtfactor. Upload or insert images from URL.

Powering up the A XWB Nothing will really work until you give the aircraft power if you want the full immersion of starting from cold.

airbus a350 – screenshot

This makes it very versatile for having the right screen where you need it, I liked the Flight-plan switched around on the right side next to the PFD, and all the panels “pop-out” for ease of use visually if you need that function and selection. Other menu choices are “Auto Cockpit set up” that does all the hard work for you in setting up the aircraft, “Force Align IRS” see above”Jump nm” and “Jump to next Waypoint” both of these options require the flightplan to be loaded in the FMS.

To a point it is like riding a Saturn V, you are just sitting there as your climb profile adjusts to the correct vertical speed and is constantly adjusting the speed to flap retraction and transition altitudes.

Posted January 21, Then you can flivhtfactor the fuel Fuel Truck required to be attached and you can see the loading from the ECAM displays on the flightdeck. But sometimes i flighfactor understand some situations: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Tambo International Airport – tdg Free. Implementation of all Airbus AP modes, except some non-precision approach modes Selected and managed modes, speed constraints respected, “at or below” contraints in phase climb, “at or above” constraints in phase descent.