BlackBerry Software and Games Collection. Indicates if the browser supports http Cookies. Ipod Touch 4th Generation 32 GB. Advan Vandroid T3A Android 4. Indicates the maximum amount of internal persistent storage ROM capacity with which the device is supplied in gigabytes GB , including the space used by the device’s Operating System and bundled applications.

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Newer Posts Older Posts Home. This property compliments ‘HardwareModel’, e. Indicates if the device is primarily a game console, such as an Xbox or Playstation.

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Apple Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. Download Firmware Nokia N China. Indicates if the application is an email browser Outlook, Gmail, YahooMail, etc.

Alcatel Idol Mini Slate 4. Apple Magsafe 1 18,5v-4,6a 85w Magnet Plug. Indicates the resolution of the device’s back camera in megapixels. Mg truly downloads truly app games and free free mg maxtron Indicates the width of the device’s screen in pixels. The Promise object represents the eventual completion or failure of an asynchronous operation, and its resulting value.


Ipad3 16 GB Wifi.

Manual Centre: Schematic BlackBerry China T

This property is not applicable for desktops, media hubs, TVs and consoles. The month in which the browser version is officially released to users by the browser vendor.

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Indicates if the device is a web enabled computerised wristwatch with other capabilities beyond timekeeping, such as push notifications. Ipad2 32 GB Wifi.

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Browser for Android Yandex. A list of images associated with the device. Advan Vandroid T2 Android 4. This property is applicable for browsers that support screen pixels width cookie.

Refers to the suggested optimum height of a hyperlink in pixels. The Specific Absorbtion Rate SAR is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed by a radio frequency electromagnetic field.

Indicates the maximum amount of memory in gigabytes Maztron the expansion slot of the device can support. Axioo Titan Octa Core 1. Devices that support voice calls do not necessarily support phone calls.


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If the browser supports a gauge, the meter property should be used. Indicates the number of frames per second the television can display in Hertz. Refers to the ‘Device’ value returned for Android Google Play native applications, when the android.


Indicates if the browser supports CSS3 images, allowing for fall-back images, gradients and other effects. Examples of devices that support this property are the Nexus One and Blackberry Curve. Advan Vandroid T3A Android 4. Download full game of plants vs zombies 5.

This property will return ‘Manufacturer’ value if the profile data was obtained from the manufacturer of the device or the device itself. Nokia C Hardware solutions.

Refers to the number of unique client IPs from which this device has been seen.