These parameters should only be changed by experienced network administrators. When leaving the Open-dialog with , the user will be asked for some bitmap files optional. EXT project with the same name, stored in the same directory. This way the network database can be exported and transferred to another personal computer. The performed checks and returned messages are shown below. Right-click on the project window to open the context menu and select Select Network to open the Select Network Index dialog. Long data transfer time.

gx configurator qp 2.32

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Adding devices A slave device can be added to the database by pressing.

gx configurator-qp 2.32

The entry is immediately removed after clicking on the However you can add it once again later on. Further master modules will be displayed, if searched for. Button functions With the Next button you will leave the current menu and enter the next menu.

More CloneDVD 2 2. Long data transfer time. Total Commander is an Explorer replacement for Windows. The bitmap file can be supplied by the user from disk. Short data transfer time. To deactivate the freeze mode deactivate the respective checkbox and write the configuration data again. This ensures that the project matches the actual hardware.


The menu commands have the following functions.

If you run up against seemingly insoluble problems, or if you configgurator questions about GX Configurator-DP or the connected programmable logic controller PLC configuration, please first refer to the manuals and documentation.

Select the network connection index you want to change.

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The consistency function interlocks simultaneous access to the buffer memory by the CPU and the DP master. Thus, here we share important facts, relevant points as well as unfiltered consumer-comments including trustworthy complaints, so that your PC … more info This symbol draws your attention to notes, hints and valuable or useful information.

gx configurator qp 2.32

Selection range depends on CPU type. Input and output areas are transferred as one block. The software is distributed with a predefined list of groups, which provide a general structure for all added slave devices. These parameters should only be changed by experienced network administrators. The module ident string and firmware revision: Now you can edit the values directly in the network properties table.

More Razer Synapse 2 IncrediMail is a fun, powerful and user-friendly email program available to everyone free of charge. Command Status bar If this command is enabled, a status bar will be displayed at the bottom of the window informing you about the selected item and the current status of the project.


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If you have opened any dialog box you can access the help function by pressing the? Adobe software updates fix more than security issues August 13, Additionally, you can indicate the position of the printed header on the page: Please read these terms carefully.

gx configurator qp 2.32

More Kaspersky Internet Security Users should update LastPass September 16, If you have not done already, start Windows. This deletes only the entry in the database reference file.

gx configurator qp 2.32

The default names of undefined network connections are “Network Connection No. If you have created a new project file, you have to save it before it cnfigurator store the network database settings. Click on the button in the network database dialog to run the test the test function is available for network connections only.