Although VE might look like some cheap junk at first, it has in fact a well assembled plastic case and it has an outstanding part, which is the display. It seems that I can’t download the opera mini v. We can even use filters in the list: Ten smartphones this year According to market analysts, the American manufacturer will announce ten smartphones this year. Although the contrast level is ok, we only have a single theme by default, this has a black wallpaper.

motorola ve538 themes

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We should only take care that no matter we turn off text prediction in the message editor, it will have it turned on by default on the next launch, it can be disabled only in the settings from the main menu. Newest first Oldest first Best rating. Ve5338 have also deleted lots of old thdmes, but now it won’t let me send any texts.

As for the note categories we even have illness, as if we would know in advance when we will be sick.

We have taken a look at the world’s first luxury phone with a circle-shaped display. The last devices that have been made known motorla at least those who like mobile communication, were the multimedia phone ZN5and the niche model Aura.

Emie, 03 Oct Hi everyone!! But this battery very poor: Nokia 9 PureView review. It then takes me to the gallery but won’t allow me to delete anything.


Total of user reviews and opinions for Motorola VE Siemens SXG themse are working. Motorola Aura – the price of design We have taken a look at the world’s first thhemes phone with a circle-shaped display.

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And the vr538 is very simple: Can a manufacturer, who is not in its golden era, be a real competition to a renown and popular model of a company that is also very famous? I was able to use simens sxg themes There is an email client as well, it supports SMTP servers with authentication.

motorola ve538 themes

Honor blog Honor blog: The overall image is not bad, compared to the metallic elegance of L, this is a much more youthful phone, even though it also looks cheaper. We’ll have to do with this one.

motorola ve538 themes

Google Maps and the Gmail link also use our internet connector. The chaotic browser settings, the lack of a jack connector, the weak camera, the problematic microSD support… this is too much.

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No problem, we can find a miniUSB connector in many places, so we can charge it from multiple sources. This can come in handy, as there is no connector on the device besides that single miniUSB port, and there is no headset in the box, so we will have to buy one.


BenQ is a Malaysian company, but it seems that some Scottish people have infiltrated the packaging factory. I can say this even in spite of the fact that there is although no problem with sound quality, but the phone is not loud enough even on the highest volume level. Camera is good but it will blur at low light condition. Due to its design the closest rival is the highly acclaimed Samsung L How can I correct this. Basically it would be a nice one, it has a good price, a wide range of features, an outstanding keypad and there is no problem with the overall quality either.

Gary W, 01 Sep Does this phone VE enable the user to increase the length of time the ringtones rings?

motorola ve538 themes

The Lcd is bright n sharp. Although VE might look like some cheap junk at first, it has in fact a well assembled plastic case and it has an outstanding part, which is the display. The phonebook is great. Still, Motorola VE has a right to live, although fans of the manufacturer will be missing the specifics of earlier models.