Glossary Page Page – Appendix A: Page 5 Using Web-Based Manager Page 3 System Requirement The system will ask your command about the next procedure. Windows XP service pack 2 Follow these steps: List the name of the domain.

netcomm nb6 firmware

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NetComm NB6 User Manual

Click OK to save your settings. Select one connection item from the drop-down list to enable the function. Check the network information on This Internet Connection — Summary page. Click OK to continue the backup procedure.


And when you want to restore the settings in the future, simply open Backup Config web page and use Browse button to locate the file. This manual is also suitable for: Page 89 Wireless Security: Wireless Interface The number of the wireless interface.

Status You can check the settings on the Summary page now. It prevents outside users from getting direct access to a server that has company data.

netcomm nb6 firmware

Click Off to disable this function. This function enables you to decide how detailed the messages will be stored. Repeater The result of the added MAC address will be shown on the table. If everything is OK, click Finish to accept these settings.


Ip Routing – Static Route reconfiguration, the total data rate and the data rate on each latency path is unchanged. Scroll to the bottom of the list. Check this box to set up a secondary IP Address to connect to your router if they are not included in the range that DHCP server accepts.

How to change Wireless Secur Double click on the Wireless Zero Configuration service and verify that it is set to Automatic and that it is started. Outbound means the data is transferred from your computer onto outside through Internet. Page Click Run from the Start menu. You can configure other routers as your repeater by setting up repeater feature mutually.

The result will be shown on the chart. Page In the Trusted Root Certification Authorities field, check the check box beside the name of the certificate authority from which the server certificate was downloaded.

Hardware Setup Guides

Click Next to continue. If you want to delete the added MAC address, simply click the delete button firrmware, a dialog box will be prompted to confirm the deleting.


Please choose Outbound traffic or Inbound traffic as the direction for filtering packets. After that, click on OK. Check Enabled to invoke this function for speeding up the transmission, or check Disabled to close this function.

netcomm nb6 firmware

Nb6w Nb6plus4w Nb6plus4wn Nb6plus4. PVCs are low-delay circuits because routing decisions do not need to be made along the way.

netcomm nb6 firmware

Click on the Start Menu. Page 84 It decides the mode of data transmission. System Requirement System Requirements Before continuing with the installation of your Router, please confirm that you comply with the minimum system requirements. When the setting is done, click Apply.