If you try and get a group of people to build things off the top of their head, nobody will know what to do or anything. Sounds like something that started out as fun and went on to become way more serious than they initially wanted making the admins more serious about it all and burned out perfectionist ruling everything with an iron fist. I didn’t really have much time for this because of christmas holidays. I’m still working on my building skills before I feel comfortable submitting anything to them: Not saying that i am going to, but i’m thinking about it Matt and the guys from the server build an epic Dam in this weeks Livestream. FyreUK build a Gold Rush era town with two very cool bridges.

palace gardens by fyreuk

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As it goes for the layout and ideas on how to build things prior to the actual build I can understand that since it got to be done within a time frame.

Craft a new text post. Love the detail work on the graveyard and interior. If they in fact fool a whole bunch of people it kinda takes away the attention to people that build shit the proper way. I can’t tell exactly, but around one month with 2 week break due to christmas holidays.


Palace gardens by fyreuk

The guys on the server build a really cool Elven City in this timelapse. The final picture o. Today I build a thing out out of the Minecraft Build book.

On the windmill there are some wood blocks that stick out that also don’t look like a full size wood block. Matt and Phil show you around the upgraded spawn area on the FyreUK server while discussing all thing. The Spire we built in last weeks Livestream. Matt and the guys from the server build an epic Dam in this weeks Livestream.

Actually, it would be fun to play this as an adventure! All buildings were connected, you could visit each location and some had hidden bh with better items. Celebratingsubscribers we build a huge tudor style city built around a canal that runs throu.

palace gardens by fyreuk

Modventures is back but for this season Matt aplace alone, as Phil joins the Modded Minecraft Adventur. FyreUK changes things up and goes underground for a Dwarven Timelapse.

A video of this would be great. All building is freehand, influenced by templates which have been completed prior to the Timelapse for people to get a feel of the block palette being used.

Palace gardens by fyreuk download

If it’s premade I’m going to stop subscribing to them and I bet a whole bunch of others will as well. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Does FireUK accept redstone builds? Think it’s Dokucraft which seems to be maintained by Fyre nowadays.


palace gardens by fyreuk

Well, that could be long answer talking through all steps ;- To make it short. But they are assholes, I just couldn’t think of specifics. After that I finished the castle and worked on details. Then they plan the build based on what they liked. So they say we need people for lalace that and the other thing.

Thanks to this epic castle I made it to FyreUK server. : Minecraft

Featuring a table top town, Christmas tree, dol. Not really digging the grdens there. Nope, not yet I guess ;- I didn’t have chance to log in more than once to say hello, because of easter and my pc died.

I’m still working on my building skills before I feel comfortable submitting anything to them: Craft a new link. I like to improvise while building and gy until I am happy with the result. Presents, Trees, Lights, Decor. Enjoy and remember to. Based on what I have seen on this post OP has been accepted to this very famous group.