On Mac, most installations should be automatically detected, but you may need to set the path explicitly to ensure that the correct version is used. Hi Markus, just download the 1. First off, thank you for this tutorial, but I have a problem. I attempted to install PyMOL 1. Coot is the standard program for model-building into density, written chiefly by Paul Emsley.

pymol version 0.99

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Hi, I have problem on Ubuntu Pymol lib installation The system cannot find the path specified. I used the pythonfix Pymol bit. Maybe chemoffice install a python library detected by the oymol batch.


So thanks very much. Nothing worked for me, but this, finally!! Thank you so much!! Hi there, thanks for the tutorial.

Thanks in advance for your help! If you want this version you have to downgrade to the 1.

pymol version 0.99

This tuto explains how to install and compile the last version of Pymol on Windows and Linux. Did you install it with the link that I gave? My computer is 32 bits and i downloaded the 32 bit python and the respective pymol archive. Thank you in advance! Both are described on Bill Scott’s web page.


pymol version 0.99

Hope it will work better with that! Hi, I tried pmol install Pymol with your files on my Win7 I am trying to install pymol on under osX I am glad you got 3D vision working on Win. I would like use esspecially MPEG encode option.

Obtaining Coot and PyMOL

It helped a lot! Hi Thibault, Your instructions are very clear and helpful. Did you isntall python 2. I was able to install the 32 bit version of PyMol successfully using your tutorial. Enregistrer mon nom, mon e-mail et mon site web dans le navigateur pour mon prochain commentaire. I can happily report that this was indeed a permissions issue. I have installed python in a folder without space I saw a reply of yours to someone with similar error and then extracted the pymol files in a separate from python folder on C: Did you install python 2.

Fink now has 1. In this case, I created 2 other archives with the default python path ” C: Did you extract the archive with a sudo command or with another user?


How to compile and install Pymol (windows & linux & MAC!) Updated to

What could be wrong? Note that you will need to be running Snow Leopard OS Could you help me please. However, when trying to run the.

Do you know something I can do to fix this? PWN Installation for tkinter windows Requirement already satisfied use —upgrade to upgrade: