During the installation of the branded zone a physical-to-virtual conversion is automatically performed. Last edited by hicksd8; at You must specify either the -p option or the -u option, or an error results. The swap and dump volumes are created when the flash archive is installed. Oracle Solaris Zones Administration Overview In some cases, flarcreate can display errors from the cpio command.

solaris 10 flar image

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Change directories to the root directory. Finally, login into the console of the branded zone to do the final configuration settings as flae do when we first time login into a newly created Solaris 10 zone.

Any option is there??

solaris 10 flar image

imagge This example procedure uses NFS to place the flash archive on the target Solaris system, but you could use any method to move the file. We can create an image of Solaris operating system by using the flarcreate command.

How to create Solaris 8 & 9 Branded Zones in Solaris 10

But can imgae install flar image in the global zone? On a system with a ZFS root, you can use the flarcreate command described in the flarcreate 1M Oracle Solaris 10 man page to create the system image.


HI, I have an requirement.

solaris 10 flar image

When applications are migrated from a physical Solaris system into a zone on a new imzge, the hostid changes to be the hostid of the new machine. The result of the use of -S is a significant decrease in the time it takes to create an archive. Thursday, October 14, Solaris Flash Archives.

Otherwise, the zone installed with the archive might not boot on the target system. Use the flarcreate command described in the flarcreate 1M man page to create the system image.

Solaris 10 Restore from flar image

For more information, see the cpio 1pax 1bzip2 1gzip 1and ufsdump 1M man pages. Let’s see how we can work with flar image creation. How to Collect System Information Collect required information from the source system. Create the solaris 10 global zone flar.

How to Use flarcreate to Create the Image On a system with a ZFS root, you can use the flarcreate command described in the flarcreate 1M Oracle Solaris 10 man page to create the system image. Be solagis to review all error messages thoroughly.

solaris 10 flar image

If you created a Solaris system archive from an existing system and use the -p preserve imgae option when you install the zone, the zone will have the same identity as the system used to create the image. HD naming is c0t1d0s0 with the same Flar file, i want to install X About this blog – a world outside our cubicle.


Determine the packages and patches that are on the system. Use uninstall -F to reset the zone to flxr configured state. Note — If you use a method other than flash archive for creating an archive for P2V, you must unmount the processor-dependent libc.

Administering Projects and Tasks.

The O’Reilly AI conf Administering the Fair Share Scheduler Tasks Please leave a comment if you have any issue on this migration. Fair Share Scheduler Overview flag. I want to migrate a solaris 10 os to solaris Added server macro to dhcptab — galdospr. I created backup image using Tivoli and it created a set of files each file is around 2GB solarus I got 1xGB disk which is span by just one zfs rpool.

It is so detailed and well formatted that i enjoyed reading it as well as get some new information too. To view the hostid in an installed zone, also use the hostid command.