Use the following guidelines for the General tab: Page 46 Chapter 4 Use the following guidelines for the Name Servers tab: Also be sure your Web server can identify the file types used by Wyse thin clients. Page 30 Chapter 3 Refresh rate list selections include: If more than one printer is to be used and another port is not available on your thin client and the port that is to be used must be shared with a USB modem converter, connect a USB hub to the port.

wyse thinos c10le

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Page 88 tyinos Example 3: This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Configuring Connection Settings Locally Configuring Connection Settings Locally You can configure available connection settings wyze the thin client using the following depending on user privilege level, some dialog boxes and options may not be available for use: The host parameter is either a valid host name or an IP address.

Through its USB ports, a thin client can support multiple printers. Ich habe Feedback von Dell Wyse dazu erhalten, nachdem ich den Fehler gemeldet habe.

Dell Wyse C10LE Thin Client – C7 1 GHz – Monitor : none. Series Specs & Prices

Privacy Policy More information about our Privacy Policy. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Note that the system will restart to apply the new settings.



wyse thinos c10le

System Setup – Provides access to the following local system setup dialog boxes: Configuring Thin Client Settings Locally Configuring Thin Client Settings Locally You can configure available thin client syse on the thin client using the following depending on user privilege level, some dialog boxes and options may not be available for use: Powered by GDPR plugin. More about Marco View all posts by Marco. If required by the operating environment, the network administrator may disable access to this dialog box.

They are required for certain features on the website and without them, the website would not function correctly.

wyse thinos c10le

The Virtual Desktop Broker virtual machine can be reset from the thin client by opening the Connection Settings dialog box of the virtual machine, and then clicking the reset button appears in the top-right of the dialog box. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Automating Updates and Configurations This appendix describes how to set up your environment to provide your thin clients running ThinOS with automatic updates and configurations in three simple steps.

However, you can use these instructions for other supported BIOS versions. Wyse thin clients do not require device management software.

Wyse thinos d10d Wyse thinos d10dp Wyse thinos t10 Wyse thinos t10d Wyse thinos r10l Wyse thinos v10le. For service, visit http: Quickly Learning the Basics the AdminMode parameter in a wnos.


Screen Saver – Allows you to select the type of screen saver you want. Use the Audio tab to select the volume settings for wysee devices. Select LPD – Select the port you want from the list. Theme – When selected, disables the desktop themes.


However, depending on administrator configurations, the toolbar can be removed or hidden shown only when a user moves the mouse pointer over the left edge of the desktop screen. Using the baseboard management controller 76 pages. The default is 20 seconds if there is no INI file description of this connection, or is a Stand-alone user, or is simply omitted.

Trotzdem hat es mich interessiert, wie ThinOS 8 mit dem neuen Storefront 2. To access international support, visit http: Erfreulicherweise kann ich von dort trotzdem noch erfolgreich meine Sitzung starten und arbeiten. Page 85 Examples of Common Printing Configurations After entering required domain credentials, the Printer Setup dialog box will display. Using Your Desktop Chapter 2 Using Your Desktop What you see after logging on to the server depends on the administrator configurations.