Last edited by GodsAngel95 on Tue, Wanted to try this MOD for a long time I had to uninstall than reinstall X3 because I didn’t know what was installed anymore so best to start from fresh. Just dock at another station reason is not known in alliance territory, always have a salvage insurance with you! I don not guarantee for life and limb of your computer! And now I finished the translation of the board topics, so there we are.

x3 terran conflict mg-mod

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It is a homage to some well-known SciFi-series. Hints for playing In sectors of the alliance and the federation, always have a salvage insurance with you docking problems! If there is a simple solution, we’ll tell. Note that there will be no message What changed with Version 3. This applies to some ships. Feel free to post. Bugs jumping to some sectors can take ages reason is not knownbut the game does not crash some ship textures are incorrect due to my lack of competence the already known bugs of the Yaki conflict you cannot dock at some stations in the new sectors, the game keeps crashing on trying this.

Confoict com range is extended from 25, to 50, The transporter range is extended from 5, to 8, Range of Duplex scanner extended from 10, to 12, Range of Triplex scanner extended from 15, to 17, New jump gates have been installed so that the federation sectors and the Star-Wars sectors are now accesable The turret cockpits had been completely changed The race-weapon assignment has been revised Reassigned missile subtypes New missile is activated: It sometimes can happen that some textures seem to be incorrect due to overload of some devices In the BSG plot, it mg-mld necessary to follow the Galactica immediately.


This is the translation by GodsAngel.

Do NOT install this files at a new game start. And it would be nice cpnflict you add a link to the script topic.

[MOD] Multi-Galaxy-Mod (MG-Mod) [] –

Argon rank minimum 8 You are in an Argon sector min. Research Access minimum 20, credits Part 3 – Conditions: If you have questions, ask them here. Support The support for the English version of the mod is done by GodsAngel. To activate all the changes, you have to visit Kingdoms End. Last edited by GodsAngel95 on Tue, It would be best if you fly to an unknown sector and exit your ship, send it away and then save Mg-moc Insurance needed!

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This script will not work and would be great if you can look at it and make it compatible. What happens is that neither a save game nor a new game will load.

Just look at the Version history included in the first post of this topic. The download window opens.

x3 terran conflict mg-mod

If you saw some spelling or grammar mistakes, please contact me Introduction TGG founded this mod to realize some things and to combine other mods. Boron Shipyard Split Shipyard Teladian Capital ships now got engine beams Split Capital ships now got cnflict beams USC Capital ships now got engine beams Xenon Capital ships now got engine beams New weapon sounds New weapon bodies New engine sounds Some ships can be used as flying shipyards Missions translated to English, so the mod now is available in English too Version 2.



It is at all costs necessary to remove all other mods and scripts before installing MG-Mod! You can use your old savegame.

Alternatively check one ore more checkboxes and click the download button in the upper left corner.

Founder of the mod is TGG. If you have a CC-generated complex, use a save older than V2.

X3 Albion Prelude Star Wars Mod 1.0.6 Full

After this, copy the whole “director” folder into the X3: Manual The begin with the mod it is necessary terarn begin a new game. It is generally recommended to backup your last save before using a mod.

x3 terran conflict mg-mod

Reunion and the ancients drones. Terran rank minimum 9 You are in a Terran sector Successfully finished the “Yaki conflict”.