High possibility of personnalisation request skills on the software to create amazing things. It takes time to resolve issues. It is constantly being improved, they keep publishing new versions with the proper documentation. Automate your outbound campaigns! Our company is now accustomed to this service.


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They all have their flaws and whistles. Ratings Snapshot 5 stars.

Make things automatically happen, according to previously defined timing and actions. For example, VoiceBot can be created relatively easily by combining Google and Amazon scally.

XCALLY Software

Recommendations to other buyers: Manage your Customers’ information and keep track of their interactions across multiple Channels! It’s a truly call center solution out of the box. We offer end-to-end service: We started using XCALLY to manage our social media interactions Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we are very satisfied with the application and the help given to us xclaly the support and sales team over time.

Choose your preferred Provider! It has social media integration and inbuilt voice recording. Before we started using xcally, we were have challenges with our previous application as it could not seamlessly xcal,y the blended nature or our call center.


Having a pop-up window when a call comes in or being able to call with the click of the mouse in a web browser is possible thanks to their Trigger feature. During this time I’ve seen all kind of solutions: Web development should focus on eliminating code language but more user friendly language for anyone, supervisor or agents.

No automatic upgrade, it requires to be triggered via UI manually. Excellent visual IVR designer. I don’t find any important aspect of the software that i don’t like. If you are thinking about going open source and then tweak and do integrations I honestly can tell you that you will save time and money by just going through xcallg.

XCALLY Motion Bull Dialer

Fast, light weight GUI, easy to install and maintain. I have benefit in giving a new solution to my current customer. In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. It caters xcallly inbound, outbound and blended call centers of all sizes.


The support is out of this world. Can be integrated for pop-windows with any CRM.


XCALLY Motion V2 – XCALLY Motion V2 – xCALLY Documentation

Less than 2 years. Agents can easily move from different support channels without losing time and focusing on customer’s requests.

No integration with Odoo yet Minimum number of users at least one admin and one supervisor. Thus upselling my product and services to growing companies. I sold well and integrated several solutions call center, and each time the report was the same: Simply the best call xcaoly software available today.


Should be developed with better performance the ip-PBX module. Five9 Cloud Contact Center. Showing 1 – 5 of 62 results.

As everything in the world, it is not ideal. Our customers always thank us for bringing them the solution that corresponds to their needs and that allows them to save time and performance. The dialer generates calls from the xcallg you have imported in Motion.